by Seizzure

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released August 14, 2016

Arranged by James Matthews
Lyrics by Aidan Cook
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Sam Thredder at The Cros Nest



all rights reserved


Seizzure Bristol, UK

Vocals - Aidan Cook
Guitar/vocals - James Matthews
Guitar - Tom Avon
Drums - Kenny Selway

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Track Name: Drugs, Flames 'n' Leather
Drugs, flames 'n' leather
Blasting rock, ringing ears
Drugs, flames 'n' leather
Blue of jean and cavalier

Biker rings, mirrored shades
Norms and squares stay away
Serpents coiled, engine oil
Flying Vs and blonde-haired girls

Liquid flames, pain and gain
Leather jacket set ablaze
Real life blows, it's no good
Drop me off in Hollywood

Bullets whiz
Music biz
Tripping hard on psycho shit
Track Name: Blood Drinkers and Hellraisers
Oh yeah!
We spy you from afar
Hounds of hell closing in as you go about your lives
Crouching in the wasteland
A phalanx of killers with evil libidos

You've led a life of luxury for far too long
But that's about to end
You revel in your weakness, we're obsessed with strength
Grown fat and dumb
Sausage links for the dogs
And it is only right
There's not enough for everybody, someone has to die
You're triggered and you wither at the sight of a raised fist
We're drugged up to the eyeballs and we love to torture kids

We feed our men cocktails of psychedelic drugs
Violent videogames, hardcore porn, they'll treat your women like dirt
Armed with a fortune's worth of hi-tech weapons with sexy names
You don't stand a single chance, we're here to take the things you have

Weaklings piled in the streets, tangled, limp and dead
Little junior dangles from a shiny bayonet
Prisoners emaciated, gaunt and underfed
Made to swallow dogshit while we're blasting Motorhead

Transfixed in reverie
At the scale of atrocity
Belligerent, magnificent
Survivors led in manacles are flogged and whipped like beasts
Track Name: Fun Is Out There
In this virtual world I make my home
Bookmarked sites reflect my tastes
Appetites as black as night
Sadean satisfaction never far away

Fed up with my plastic life
Reality doesn't cater for my lusts
I choose to live vicariously through archives of pain

Sex and violence
Sanitised through laptop screen
Arranged so neat in thumbnail form
Snapshots of artless savagery

Curated video artefacts
Gasping mouths, eyes rolling back
Pornography of pain
Jerking limbs, climactic spray

Yet another acid scarred face
Yet another submissive slut
Yet another drug cartel hit
Blithe tourism in real misery

Modern hardware, slick presentation
Morbid acts in high definition
Instruments of filth and death
Visiting trauma upon human flesh

Yet another charred soldier's bones
Yet another throttled, painted whore
Yet another bruised infant corpse
Dark beauty found in ugly abuse

Time for sleep
School's a drag, but I may as well go